Hanmi Tae Kwon Do Center in Worcester MA

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About Us

Hanmi is the leading provider of martial arts instruction for kids, adults, and families in Worcester, MA in the Greendale region.

The leader of our organization is Master Karen A. Brown, a 3 time U.S National Champion.

She has developed the Hanmi Tae Kwon Do Bully Prevention Program that is now taught in the Worcester Public Schools. Master Brown and her four children are dedicated to bringing the benefits of Tae Kwon Do to the Worcester County community.  As a family run school, we have a unique atmosphere that makes people really feel a part of something  (Our TKD Family).  We work together each day to help our students achieve their best.

Hanmi Tae Kwon Do Center has been a leading provider of martial arts instruction in Worcester County.  For over 30 years Master Brown has been teaching Tae Kwon Do to children, adults and families.

Our Philosophy

When we state that our goal is to teach the highest quality martial arts, it refers not only to high standards of technical skills, but to the character development and leadership skills that are an essential element of truly learning Tae Kwon Do.  Therefore, our training includes skills valuable in our daily life:  cooperation, respect, self-control, self-discipline, confidence, focus, and perseverance.

Our Family knows from experience that training in Tae Kwon Do helps students in their personal and professional lives.  The positive character traits that develop will help at work and school, at home and on the playing field.

See what a difference Martial Arts Classes at Hanmi Tae Kwon Do Center can make. We promise you’ll find our tae kwon do classes will be a positive fun introduction to martial arts.

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