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Tae Kwon Do & Martial Arts School in Worcester, Massachusetts


Special Offer, Tae Kwon Do in Worcester, MA

Here at HANMI TAE KWON DO CENTER, a martial arts school located in Worcester, Massachusetts, we offer complete training programs for you and your child. Tae Kwon Do instruction includes self-defense techniques that could one day save your child's life, which is a benefit no other sport or activity can provide. Email our school to learn more.

Your Martial Arts School
Here at HANMI TAE KWON DO, you have your choice from a range of self-defense programs, which is one of the top reasons parents enroll their children in our martial arts school. Having your child attend HANMI TAE KWON DO is the best investment you will ever make in you or your child's future.


This Is the Place!
Our children's class is designed to motivate kids through frequent praise and encouragement. With a motivated child, we are able to build up their physical ability, as well as their self-esteem, through lessons that are both fun and demanding.

Areas of Child Development
The reward system we use improves a child's self-esteem, while our class structure teaches discipline. These confidence activities channel a child's aggression in order to enhance their assertiveness.

Contact us at (508) 770-1187 to sign up for our children's or adult's martial arts lessons.

Join the #1 Martial Arts School in Central Massachusetts For:
• Respect
• Patience
• Discipline
• Confidence
• Self-Esteem
• Spirit
• Perseverance
• Self-Defense
• Exercise